Michelle Haydu

Instacart Express Branding


Instacart Express Branding


Objective: Create a strong visual identity for Express to elevate customer experience and differentiate it from that of the non-member. 

Role: Designer, User Researcher

Express is Instacart's membership program. For an annual fee, members can get either a certain number of free deliveries per month or unlimited free deliveries.

 SEO landing page design by Maria Kalang

SEO landing page design by Maria Kalang


Competitive Analysis

I took a look at companies with similar membership programs to see how they approached branding through icons and logos.


Logo Exploration

The timeline from when Instacart initially thought to brand Express to the final logo took time! In the summer of 2016, we had a positive first review, but other projects were prioritized and the logo was put on hold.

Once Express reached 100k subscribers, we decided branding would assist in growing that number further and help elevate the experience and boost brand affinity.



Goal of Research:
-  How do people feel about the different logo options?
-  What are the major differences in perceptions between the various logo choices?
-  What, if any, unexpected associations exist for the various logo directions? 

Survey: Conducted via Survey Monkey (audience of U.S. based Mechanical Turk workers)

Respondents: 128


Open-Ended Response Prompt: How do you feel when you look at the logo image above? Describe the first three (3) things that come to mind.

I feel like I am a reading a Spanish word, because the green accent over the 'e'

The open-ended responses helped us uncover some associations we didn't have internally such as:

I think that it makes it look like I will be getting my groceries and other needs very quickly. It is a logo I would easily remember.

The open-ended responses also affirmed some of the strengths we believed the logo options had:

When analyzing the open-ended responses, I pulled the top 5 words used for each logo option to evaluate whether the consensus was more positive or negative and created charts:


I also asked the respondents to rank the logo options from 1 – 4 (1 being the best, 4 being the worst).

Summary of insights: All logos were fairly well received, but one emerged as a clear winner, ranked #1 by nearly half of respondents.


Finalizing the Logo

Once I had data from the user research, I opted to iterate on the most popular logo concepts. I then presented three options to internal stakeholders.

After listening to the internal stakeholders and peer critiques, I created and polished the final logo.

 SEO landing page design by Maria Kalang

SEO landing page design by Maria Kalang